Bottle pourer DROPSAVER

Are you looking for beautiful gifts for wine lovers ? The DROPSAVER ® bottle pourer is the modern alternative to the classic ring-shaped drip catcher and is ideal as a pourer for wine, sparkling wine, champagne or even olive oils of all kinds. The DROPSAVER ® consists of a thin, food-safe PET film and is simply screwed in and inserted into the bottle Bottleneck inserted. This makes the pourer ideal for all bottle types and sizes. We offer the wine pourer in pack sizes of 5 and 10 and since 2022 in the stylish colors silver, gold, black, orange and rosé.

This is how the ideal pourer for wine works

The food-safe PET film has a special edge surface that ensures that not a drop of wine goes astray . After use, the wine pourer is simply rinsed briefly under lukewarm water and is ready for the next use. The DROPSAVER ® are ideal not only as a gift, but also for professional wine serving .

DROPSAVER: Unsere Weinausgießer Banner

Unser Flaschenausgießer

Seit 2022 bieten wir den Flaschenausgießer DROPSAVER® in 5er und 10er Sets, sowie in 5 verschiedenen Farben an. Silber, Gold, Schwarz, Orange und Rosé