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Interesting facts about DROPSAVER®
10 x DROPSAVER bottle pourers in silver10 x DROPSAVER bottle pourers in gold10 x DROPSAVER bottle pourers in black10 x DROPSAVER bottle pourers in orange10 x DROPSAVER bottle pourers in rosé

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We have designed 5 colors for you so that your DROPSAVER ® fits any ambience.

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DROPSAVER® properties

Our wine pourer plate is a German quality product "MADE IN GERMANY". We produce and package exclusively in Germany with materials from German manufacturers

The bottle pourers are as simple as they are ingenious: simply roll up the plate and insert it halfway into the neck of the bottle, let go so that it can unfold.

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Gift idea for wine lovers

Wine pourer film with "stop the drop" effect for any liquid: as an oil or juice pourer and much more - also the perfect gift for wine lovers.

The DROPSAVER® bottle pourer can be rinsed under running water after use and reused immediately.

With our DROPSAVER® wine pourers , pouring wine or champagne is guaranteed to remain drip-free . Whether in the catering industry or in the private sector for wine lovers

Here's how it works

With the ingenious bottle pourer DROPSAVER® you are on the safe side.

Consisting of a food-safe and flexible PET film , it is simply rolled up and inserted into the neck of the bottle and protects the table and tablecloth from unsightly red wine stains , for example.

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