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Red wine stains are a thing of the past!

DROPSAVER® "stop the drops"
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DROPSAVER: Stop the drop Banner DROPSAVER: Stop the drop Banner

"stop the drop"

The ingenious wine pourer plate. Protects table & tablecloth.

DROPSAVER® - for wine lovers

With the ingenious wine pourer plate from DROPSAVER® you are on the safe side. Consisting of a flexible, food-safe PET film, MADE IN GERMANY , it is simply rolled up, inserted halfway into the neck of the bottle and protects the table and tablecloth from unsightly wine stains .

10 Weinausgießer aus Silber
Flaschenausgießer für Wein
Material von Dropsaver
10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in silver
Verschiedene Variationen von Dropsaver

10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in silver

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DROPSAVER ® "stop the drop": Perfect wine pourer for wine in silver

Who doesn't know the problem: The guests are sitting at the table, you want to elegantly pour the wine - but the last drop ends up on the tablecloth. DROPSAVER ® can help. Made from food-safe PET film, the wine pourer can be attached to the wine bottle in no time at all and, with its special edge surface, reliably ensures that not a drop goes astray. Ideal if you are looking for an original gift for wine lovers or if you want to treat yourself.

1 pack of DROPSAVER ® with 10 wine pourers in silver.

Customer opinions


This time I bought a 10 pack of Dropsavers to give as gifts to other wine lovers. I've been using them myself for 2 years and they're still as good as when I started.

Jan W.

private household


It has never been so easy to pour wine from the bottle into the glass without dripping. Great idea, great handling, great price.
I immediately ordered another set for the motorhome

Markus A.

Restaurant owner


I am so convinced that I have wine, whiskey, rum, etc. I can only pour with this gadget. Nothing drips, nothing spills - I can only recommend it to everyone.

Phillip M.

Bar owner


The discreet solution for restaurant owners who want to avoid stains on the table and the loss of valuable drinks. I'm excited!

Renate B.

Restaurant owner

Our wine pourer

Since 2022 we have been offering the DROPSAVER® wine pourer in sets of 5 and 10, as well as in 5 different colors. Silver, gold, black, orange and rose

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10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in silver10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in gold10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in black10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in orange10 x DROPSAVER® bottle pourers in rosé

Stop the Drop


We offer the DROPSAVER ® wine pourer in packs of 10 and 5, as well as in 5 different colors.

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Good to know

Everything you should know about the MADE IN GERMANY - wine pourer film can be found here.

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Gift for wine lovers

The ingenious wine pourer plate . Made of flexible and food-safe PET film, protects the table and tablecloth.

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