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All colors at a glance


    All colors pack of 5

    Bottle pourer for moments of enjoyment in perfection

    Experience excellent enjoyment with the high-quality bottle pourers from DROPSAVER. Perfectly tailored to the requirements of restaurants, wine bars, caterers and dispensing assistants , the packaging unit of 5 offers the optimal solution for wine lovers and beverage service professionals.

    Excellent wine pourers for sophisticated gastronomy

    The pourers from DROPSAVER combine functionality and aesthetics, guarantee precise dosage and controlled pouring for fine drops. Choose your spout from the elegant silver, gold, black, rose and orange color options and stylishly adapt it to your preferences.

    For every occasion – whether in a restaurant, wine bar or catering

    Whether you run a restaurant , run a wine bar or work as a caterer - the DROPSAVER bottle pourers are the reliable choice. The packaging unit of 5 ensures flexibility and ensures that you are always optimally equipped.

    Ideal for wine lovers and sommeliers

    With precise dosage and elegant style, DROPSAVER pourers are the perfect choice for wine lovers and sommeliers who place the highest demands on their wine pouring.

    Made in Germany – quality you can trust

    Our USP: DROPSAVER stands for German craftsmanship and quality. Trust in perfect pouring moments with pourers that are made in Germany.

    Free shipping worldwide – your enjoyment knows no limits

    Enjoy not only excellent wine , but also first-class service with free worldwide shipping at DROPSAVER.

    DROPSAVER – quality and enjoyment, combined for unforgettable moments.

    DROPSAVER: Unsere Weinausgießer Banner

    Unser Flaschenausgießer

    Seit 2022 bieten wir den Flaschenausgießer DROPSAVER® in 5er und 10er Sets, sowie in 5 verschiedenen Farben an. Silber, Gold, Schwarz, Orange und Rosé